My Personal 2017/2018 Season Comes To An End – Rev’s Ramblings

If I had to describe my work at The New Saints, one word that immediately comes to mind is ‘variety’. It might be busy but one thing it’s certainly not is boring.

The weekend just gone saw my own personal 2017/2018 come to an end as both the Ladies and the Professional Phase had their end-of-season awards evenings.

I was honoured to be asked to host both and so that was my Friday and Saturday evenings taken care of. I enjoy doing that sort of thing though so it was a pleasure

It may bring terror into the hearts of many but give me a microphone and a stage and I’m like a duck to water. We all have our own giftings and call and it’s all about identifying them.

In addition, it’s not just what we are called to do but also recognising what we aren’t. One of the most important lessons in life is ensuring that we don’t become square pegs in round holes.

I enjoyed doing both presentations very much and the feedback was excellent. It’s slways nice to receive positive comments about what you do. Don’t  seek them though and don’t let your own performance be dictated by what others say.

Just as much as some people will build you up, others will seek to destroy. Be careful what you allow into your heart and mind.

If you do seek the opinions of others choose the people that you consult wisely. The honesty of someone who has your best interests at heart is better than someone who says nice things with an ulterior motive.


Rev’s Ramblings is a weekly blog entry, following my adventures with the champions of Wales from a personal perspective. Read previous ones here.




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