Welcome To Portugal – Day 1

The day began very early for the champions of Wales, in fact an overnight stay in a hotel adjacent to Birmingham airport ensured that the travelling party were as fresh as possible. 

No delays were encountered with the flight and the arrival at Faro was on time. To highlight just how warm the weather has been recently in the UK, it was noticeably cooler as we made our way out of the airport and into Portugal proper. 

Staying at the renowned Browns resort, which specialises in hosting top quality sports teams, a meal was waiting for us on our arrival. Correct diet plays a big part in the schedule of professional football teams and The New Saints is no exception. 

The afternoon saw some strenuous gym work as the players were put through their paces. Following a rest period it was on to the training pitch, one which has been graced by many top flight sides across Europe, including the English Premier League. 

Following a shower it was time for more food as the players wrapped up a busy day. With the UEFA Champions League opening game exactly one calendar month away, the players are looking sharp and fired up. 

Many associated with the club quietly believe that this coming European campaign has the potential to be the best yet for TNS. One thing is for sure though, whatever the immediate future holds for the side, they will be prepared and ready to go come the opening whistle on July 11.

View our Portugal photograph gallery here.



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