Welcome To Portugal – Day 3

With lots of training and gym work so far, today the players did what they enjoy the most, as they played a game of football. With just enough for two teams between them, they divided into a Scott Ruscoe XI v a Steve Evans XI.

The warmest day of the camp to date, the game was played in the morning. Even then the heat was noticeable, but that’s what the trip to Portugal is all about.

In recent seasons we have played in some difficult conditions as far as the climate is concerned, with games in Cyprus, Hungary and San Marino to name just three, all providing gruelling tests.

By engaging with the conditions that we have here in Portugal, it helps the squad in their preparation for the upcoming European campaign.

Back to the game today though and it was a case of Manager 2 Assistant 0, as a brace from Adrian Cieslewicz gave the Ruscoe XI the victory.

The first was a header from close range with the second a well-taken finish following a good move. The format of the game was 3x 20 minutes and the players looked really sharp.

Following the match we interviewed Ciss and you can watch that above. After being out for so long, together with Chris Seargeant, who is also back in full training, it’s like having another two players in the squad.

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