Attention Journalists – Pre-Match and Post-Match Press Conferences For The New Saints FC v KF Shkëndija

The New Saints FC v KF Shkëndija

UEFA Champions League. Qualifying Round 1. Second leg.

Tuesday, July 17 2018


Pre-Match Conferences

Monday, July 16 2018

1.00 p.m. The New Saints FC

6.30 p.m. KF Shkëndija

Both conferences taking place ahead of team training sessions. Open to all journalist but if you intend to be there, please let us know in advance. Contact: or 07815 432 371


Post-Match Conference 

Tuesday, July 17 2018

Following the game, the respective press conference will commence as soon as club personnel are available.


Conferences will consist of the manager and a player (if nominated) and hosted by the team’s head of media.

Journalists, especially after the game, we request that no personal interviews are done until the press conference has been completed.

We want to ensure that the respective personnel are facing the awaiting corporate press as soon as possible rather than be delayed by individual journalists.

Following the press conference, you are free to conduct interviews in liaison with the respective club head of media.




Media. Contact: