Woken Just Before The Impossible Dream Becomes A Reality – Rev’s Ramblings

Although you have to be optimistic in life and keep believing, at the same time you must be realistic as well. Reach for the stars but keep your feet firmly on the ground.

That’s why, going into last week’s UEFA Champions League game against KF Shkëndija, anyone who predicted anything other than a restoration of pride for TNS was in a very small unrealistic minority indeed.

As it happened though, the impossible dream almost came off, with the club woken just before the seemingly impossible scenario of overturning a 5-0 first leg deficit became a reality.

Although clubs have come back from 4-0 down, in the history of the Champions League no-one has given their opponents a five-goal start and then progressed to the next round.

How close we came though! It ended as a night of mixed emotions, with a 4-0 victory more than just a pride restoration exercise. Yet at the same time we did lose the tie 5-4 on aggregate

How we do against the champions of Gibraltar, Lincoln Red Imps, will be the real test of character. In life it’s not so much about the negative things that happen but rather how you bounce back.


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