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If you joined the scout movement as a young boy like I did, then you will remember the motto ‘be prepared’. That well-used phrase was exactly the thinking behind the visit to the capital that I made with Ian Williams earlier in the week.

If we get past Lincoln Red Imps – and depending on when you read this, you know know the answer to that – then our next home game will be played at Cardiff City Stadium.

The Cardiff City home dressing room, where Scott Ruscoe will hopefully be doing his team talk next week

Following the end of the game in Gibraltar this coming Thursday (August 2) then, if we do progress there will be less than a week before we play in the next round. Therefore, some advanced planning is necessary.

Meeting with Wayne Nash, the stadium manager, we were given a tour of the facilities. It was essential, as you can’t just turn up on the day and hope everything goes smoothly. Now we have an insight into what it’s like behind the scenes it will ensure that, if we do qualify for the next round, we have a plan to execute.

A selfie – always a selfie

We also met with the ticketing manager, supporter liaison officer and groundsman among others, including two officers from South Wales Police. All in all it gave us plenty to go on. All we need to do now is to come back from Gibraltar with a positive result and it’s all systems go.


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