Making Airwaves With TNS Radio – Rev’s Ramblings

It was TNS Radio that originally brought me to The New Saints way back at the very start of the 2014/2015 season. That it’s still going today is testimony to the role that it plays in matchday media at the club.

Like anything else, over the years (this is my fifth full season at Park Hall) it has evolved and developed its own character. It’s like watching the first episode of a television series, it’s very different to what it becomes when the people involved become more immersed.

It’s always great to know that people listen in and actually enjoy it. The feedback and positive comments that we receive are not only very welcome but also very encouraging as well.

In last week’s JD Welsh Premier League podcast we actually had a mention. Mark Jones said that he was listening to the commentary from Victoria Stadium as we took on Lincoln Red Imps in Gibraltar.

It’s really good hear that sort of thing. Ultimately, although we are TNS Radio, the big picture is that we promote Welsh football.

Next time you’re not at a game, why not join with us on air. The link is on the club website (home page) and we go live ahead of the kick-off.

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