The Best Of Both Worlds With TNS – Rev’s Ramblings

The lead image in this week’s Rev’s Ramblings encapsulates my own personal football media path. The photograph was taken by Sam Wood at our recent game in Denmark against FC Midtjylland. It was halftime and I grabbed a number of fans who were passing by for a chat on TNS Radio, including these two girls.

What I love about the photo is the way that the girls look so comfortable and at at ease, more so when you consider we’d only met for the first time just seconds previously. Like the others that we have had live on air, the conversations were flowing and there were no awkward moments.

I enjoy all the various aspects of my work with the club but especially the front-line roles. In with that, of course, is TNS Radio as we bring commentary from the games involving The New Saints. What I really enjoy about being on air though is when we get interaction.

Whether via social media or in person, it’s always the guests that are the icing on the cake. We actually have an album on our Facebook page of some of the people that have joined us on air this season and you can view that HERE.

Although I enjoy working in football media as previously mentioned, it’s the foreground I particularly like – interviewing, radio commentary, presenting and so on. In fact, on my travels I’ve been in the power corridors of many big clubs, where rooms are full of media personnel all at work on laptops.

I always think to myself, it’s great but that’s not necessarily for me. Having said that, you can’t just do visible things every day, there is always the need to work behind the scenes. When you watch a graceful swan gliding along the water what you don’t see are two legs paddling away beneath the surface.

Following on nicely from that, today (Monday) no longer will we be looking for table and plug space at The Venue, as we have moved en bloc to new premises. The office, as it is known, is home to a number of chairman Mike Harris’ businesses and that now includes The New Saints FC.

I’m writing this at my new desk while enjoying an excellent wifi signal. The working environment is relaxed, as it was before, and with no squashing of the front-line involvement, for me it’s the best of both worlds.

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