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Although I had been to TNS games as a fan prior to that, it was on August 29 2014 that I first turned up at Park Hall on the other side of the line, so to speak. On the fledgling TNS Radio and not really knowing what to expect, I thought I’d be asked a few questions every now and then about how the game was going.

As it happened, I was a little more involved than that, and although I enjoyed it I never thought of it as anything other than a one-off. Therefore I was surprised, albeit pleasantly so, when following the final whistle I was asked if I would come back, and in a nutshell that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

I had seen the club asking via Twitter if any fans wanted to have a go on the new internet station that was being launched. I thought it was a great opportunity for someone but never considered myself. I only knew one person at the club, Sez Roberts, and even then we’d never met. It was her pushing me that finally saw the connection made.

About to embark on my fifth year with the club (the fifth season began on June 4 when the players returned from training), it’s been an incredible journey. Whether physical places or just the experience – or both – I would never have imagined how my life was about to change that one day in late August when I turned up a few hours before the game.

I had a mortgage when I was 18, married and started a family when I was young and so by my mid-40s I was rent-free and my children were grown up. I considered myself semi-retired. Well, I’m certainly not that any more, as the twists and turns of life’s road have taken me on a very different path. Busy but blessed is how I often describe it.

I wonder what the next four years have in store? I think they will be very exciting ones indeed. Ultimately life isn’t a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing. We aren’t cats with the proverbial nine lives, we only have one. This is it and we have to live it to the full. Doing something we enjoy is part of that.

The lead image is the team sheet from that very first game, which TNS won 6-1 against Rhyl. Little did I realise where even that piece of paper would lead. My memorabilia collection, which is part of my personal journey has grown with shirts, press passes, posters and many other items, lots of them signed. That’s another column in itself.

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