Post-Match Interviews At Caernarfon Town And My Thoughts on Ebbe, Harrison And Ruscoe – Rev’s Ramblings

Following the game at Caernarfon Town on Friday, we did the usual post-match interviews. As well as manager, Scott Ruscoe, two players featured this time round. Dean Ebbe, who got the all-important first goal and Captain Fantastic, Paul Harrison, who pulled off some incredible saves.

I do enjoy doing interviews and part of that is because of the rapport and relationship with the players and the staff at the club. In fact, listen to the three from Caernarfon below and they all end with “Thanks, Rev” or something similar.

Funnily enough I was listening to a national radio station just this morning where there was a conversation about interviews with managers. As I followed the chat it reinforced what I already know, that an in-house club approach is very different to what we witness daily on the big stage.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable working on the directive that to get a negative reaction is a result and if the manager storms out of the press conference you’ve done a great job.

For me, the best interviews come from relationship when the interviewee knows that you’re not trying to trap them or push them into a corner where they come out fighting.

You can still ask ‘probing’ questions. For example, in recent weeks I have asked Scott Ruscoe about Greg Draper being on the bench and I have also put it to Greg that it must be frustrating not being in the starting line-up. There’s nothing wrong in asking these type of questions, it’s how you ask them. That’s the important thing.

However, all questions have been reasonable, there’s been no ulterior motive involved and likewise the answers have been excellent, rational and measured.

Back to Caernarfon Town and the post-match interviews. What I picked up on in each of the chats that we had were things said that also reflect on the character and professionalism of each person.

Firstly, Scott Ruscoe was happy to heap praise on Sean Eardley and his side. Scott often does this, whether before or after a game and regardless of result. Respect is a big part of his make-up.

Secondly, Dean Ebbe when asked about the rivalry for places immediately played it down and emphasised the team spirit and the big picture. Knowing him both on and off the pitch, you will be hard-pushed to find a more down-to-earth person than Dean.

Thirdly, when I started by saying to Paul Harrison that he had a great performance he took the spotlight off himself and put it on the team and the game itself. When you consider that ‘H’ is a true legend of Welsh football, like Dean there are no airs and graces about him. Both of them in fact reflect the overall team spirit at Park Hall.



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