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I’m sure you know what a groundhopper is but just in case you’re not aware, it’s a self-descriptive term. It refers to a football fan who likes to visit grounds, and in particular, new ones.

I know this because I’m one myself. I joined the ranks a couple of seasons ago after working out, although I’d been to thousands of games over the years, in fact I had only just hit treble-figures (101) in terms of different locations.

Having been to my first match at Molineux in 1963 and having a season ticket right up to the time I began working with The New Saints, the majority of my fixtures had been Wolverhampton Wanderers at home.

With the bug biting I started to, whenever possible, visit new grounds rather than ones that I had been to before. There aren’t many new domestic ones with TNS but the European adventures have produced some great ‘ticks’. This season alone, the games in Denmark, Gibraltar and Macedonia have not only added some new grounds to the list but also new nations as well.

If you’re a groundhopper yourself, why not pay us a visit at Park Hall? Let me know (my email address is at the base of this page) in advance and I’ll take you on a guided tour of the ground and afterwards you can meet the players for autographs. I know that many groundhoppers also save memorabilia as well.

If you’re really keen, as we have a number of Friday evening fixtures, why not stay over in the area and take in another JD Welsh Premier League, or one of the other Welsh tier leagues, game the next day?

There are many positives I could list regarding a visit to The New Saints. One of them is that it will cost you £8 as an adult to get in. Offset that against travel costs and although you may put a few miles on the clock, it’s far cheaper than a top flight English game.

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