TNS Crossbar Challenge 2018 – Adrian Cieslewicz v Ben Clark

As our crossbar challenge continues, this time round it’s the turn of Adrian Cieslewicz and Ben Clark to go head-to-head. If no-one hits the bar itself but one strikes the post, we do allow progress based on that, as you will see from the video.



Coming up next we have two of the established members of the squad, Paul Harrison and Chris Marriott. Watch this space…


Round 1

Scott Ruscoe 0 Ben Cabango (Cabango progresses)

Danny Redmond 1 Joash Nembhard 0

Jamie Mullan v Kane Lewis

Paul Harrison v Chris Marriott

Kurtis Byrne 0 Steve Evans 1

Jon Routledge v Simon Spender

Adrian Cieslewicz 0 Ben Clark 1


Round 2

Winners from above plus all other players.


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