It All Started With A Team Sheet – Rev’s Ramblings

It all started with my very first TNS Radio game at Park Hall, when I was given a team sheet. Although it’s common in Welsh football for fans to get hold of them, the other side of the border is different. Well, certainly as far as the top flight is concerned anyway.

Going back home with my TNS v Rhyl line-up sheet, I thought to myself that I can’t throw that away. Without realising it at the time, a collection was being birthed.

Before long, the sheets of paper were joined by programmes, as I started to write a column in the matchday publication.

At some point an inadvertent memorabilia collection became a deliberate one. It remained very personal though, so everything that I have collected is all part of my own journey in the world of football.

I’ve got the usual things such as signed shirts, posters, press passes, mugs and tickets as well as more unique items that include a Midtjylland blanket, champagne bottles from on-pitch victory celebrations and ribbons from trophies.

Every piece tells a story and carries a personal memory. I don’t save general memorabilia, just that which is part of my own adventure in the world of football.

Fortunately I’ve got a great wife and one of our downstairs rooms has walls that are covered with football-related items. The rest of the stuff is stacked away in boxes. An ever-growing number of boxes I must add.


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