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Following the 4-1 defeat at Cardiff Metropolitan University, the internet was rife with statements that it was curtains for The New Saints. The comments fell into two broad camps. First of all there were those who, for whatever reason, want the club to fail anyway. Then there were those who don’t but somehow couldn’t see anything but doom and gloom in the defeat.

My thoughts went back to the seventies, as the words ‘Crisis? What crisis?’ came to mind. Words attributed to – but never actually said by – the then Prime Minister, James Callaghan.

In the case of Callaghan, it was The Sun who took his words and made them into something else. For my part though, there was no twisting of my thoughts. When I thought ‘Crisis? What crisis?’ it’s exactly what I meant.

A blip, yes, but no crisis. In my five seasons at The New Saints, while there have been several of the former, there has not been a latter. Just as one swallow doesn’t make a summer, one defeat doesn’t signal the end of the road.

Subsequent victories on the road at Prestatyn and Carmarthen have ensured that the Cyncoed nightmare is well and truly behind us. Eight goals and none conceded is the icing on the cake.

Lead image: The victory at Prestatyn Town, courtesy of Brian Jones.


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