My Granddaughter Watches Her First Game – Rev’s Ramblings

For a while I’ve been wanting my granddaughter, Nyah, to watch her first game of football. I’ve also wanted it to be meaningful, so that she was there because of her choice rather than mine.

She won’t realise it now, but hopefully in the future she will, but as a football fan your first game is a milestone. Mine was back in 1963, with Stan Cullis still on the Molineux throne, as my dad took me to my first ever match.

Nyah’s debut as a football fan coincided with my wife, Debby, doing face-painting for the Academy, ahead of the procession through Oswestry on Saturday just gone. As our granddaughter sleeps over with us at weekends, she came along and as well as enjoying the procession through the town, stayed on for the game afterwards.

Debby said how much she enjoyed watching and was asking questions regularly, so that she could understand what was going on. ‘Why is that man holding a flag?’ in reference to the assistant referee through to ‘Why is the player down on the pitch?’ when treatment was required, meant her young mind was busy assembling the pieces of the jigsaw.

She also came on TNS Radio at half-time and for me that was an especially proud moment. At just five years of age, she is a very confident little girl and she came over really well, even if I say so myself.

I’m glad that her debut involved The New Saints FC. She’s now taken the first step on a journey that if it’s half as exciting as the one I’ve been on throughout my life, she’ll have plenty of memories to look back on when she’s my age.


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