The New Saints FC Goes International

The New Saints FC has gone international recently – certainly in terms of purchases from the club shop that is. 

As a club, we’ve received a number of requests for signed shirts to be shipped all over the globe, with Italy, Germany and Brazil just a few of the destinations. 

One of the first people to receive their shirts though was Anthony Warn from California, USA. He purchased a TNS mystery box, which includes a shirt signed by the TNS first-team, signed programmes, a poster and a pin badge.

In his own words below, here’s Anthony’s story of how he became a fan of The New Saints: 

I am newer to following the team, as I started following in 2015 after watching one of the UEFA Champions League matches when TNS beat Torshavn.

I looked deeper into the team after that and saw the success and history of the club and I’ve just been a fan since. I’m hoping one day that TNS can make it through to the group stages of the Champions League and see them surprise everyone. Greg Draper is probably my favourite player for various reasons. For one, the amount of years and goals he has put in to help the team is impressive and because he represented the New Zealand national team in various age categories.

I have been a great supporter of New Zealand Football for many, many years since I met the U20 squad here in my hometown back in 2011. That was an amazing experience. As a TNS fan, I think seeing the club win the league year after year have been my favourite moments aside from seeing them participate in the UEFA tournaments constantly. Like I said before, I’m just waiting to be able to make that final push into the Champions League group stage one day.

If you’re interested in purchasing a mystery box of your own, please contact:, and all of the items mentioned above could be yours for just £25.

Lead image: Anthony with his signed shirt and programmes.


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