The Battle Of The Defenders, As Cabango And Marriott Go Head-To-Head In The Crossbar Challenge

In the penultimate round two challenge, it’s the battle of the defenders, as Ben Cabango goes head-to-head with Chris Marriott.

You can watch the video below, while previous encounters can be found HERE.



TNS FC Crossbar Challenge 2018


Round 1

Scott Ruscoe 0 Ben Cabango (Cabango progresses)

Danny Redmond 1 Joash Nembhard 0

Jamie Mullan 1 Kane Lewis 0

Paul Harrison 0 Chris Marriott 1

Kurtis Byrne 0 Steve Evans 

Jon Routledge 0 Simon Spender 0 (Spender walkover)

Adrian Cieslewicz 0 Ben Clark 1


Round 2

Ben Cabango 0 Chris Marriott 1

Jamie Mullan 0 Danny Redmond 1

Steve Evans 1 Ben Clark 2

Ryan Brobbel 0 Aeron Edwards 1

Simon Spender 0 Greg Draper 1

Blaine Hudson v Josh Hmami

Dean Ebbe 0 Connor Roberts 1

Chris Seargeant 1 Tom Holland 0


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