It’s Germany This Time, As Mystery Boxes Continue To Prove A Hit

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, there’s been quite the influx of international orders for TNS’ merchandise recently.

Anthony Warn from California received his mystery box just before Christmas, and this time around, it was the turn of Marcus Gastmann.

Marcus is a TNS fan from Germany, and like Anthony, he also has an interesting backstory.

It turns out that he’s actually been The New Saints’ manager, or the virtual one at least, on a long-standing German management game.

He explains more below:

I’m 40 years old, and I’ve been a Borussia Dortmund fan right from the beginning. I was always an even bigger fan of the ‘Football Manager’ games, which you have in the UK as well.

And I suppose now you can guess who’s been the proud manager of a small team near Oswestry for over 11 years? – I’ve been coaching the virtual Saints on the game every single day for over 10 years!

So I was a virtual manager long, long before I became a fan of the “real” team. Since last year, I do follow the Saints a little bit more, but there is virtually no media coverage in Germany from Wales.

Recently though, I did visit The Venue, when I was on a road trip holiday through England. That short stop in Wales was as much important to me as a visit to Cornwall or Stonehenge and we had some great hours.

A few days before our trip, you played the European games against the teams from Macedonia and Gibraltar, which I could watch via BBC Wales. If the second would have been played at home instead of in Gibraltar, I might have bought tickets.

But seeing your lovely stadium afterwards was a real blast for me.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own mystery box, containing a shirt signed by the TNS’ first-team, signed programmes, a poster and a pin badge, please contact:
Lead image: Marcus with his signed TNS’ shirt.


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