The Boot’s On The Other Foot In This Tom Holland Interview – Rev’s Ramblings

I’ve interviewed Tom Holland many times since he arrived at The New Saints. I remember the first one very well indeed, because it was in Scotland. He had just signed for us and joined the squad on the pre-season UEFA Champions League camp.

While most first-time player interviews are conducted at Park Hall, Tom’s was in the lounge area at St. Andrew’s University where we were based. The latest interview was very different though because it was Tom asking the questions and me doing the replies.

Still a young man, even by football career standards, Tom is making the most of the time in the here and now as he casts one eye over the future. For the ex-Swansea City midfielder, that means studying for a media degree at Staffordshire University.

This is why he was doing the interviewing, as part of his course work. In fact he spent the day with us, covering other aspects of what goes on behind the media scenes at the champions of Wales.

I think it’s great that Tom is pursuing this path right now rather than waiting for the future. When an opportunity presents itself, take it. Carpe diem – seize the moment.


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