I’m Turning Into Steven Spielberg – Rev’s Ramblings

I’m turning into Steven Spielberg. Well, not quite, but nevertheless if you follow the club’s social media accounts then you will have noticed of late more video content is being published. In particular, there are regular short videos comprising several clips and images with a music background.

I’ve been a keen blogger since July 2003 when I launched my own personal website. Updating it on a regular basis, as it evolved it went from text and photographs to include video content as well. This was YouTube-based and definitely added something to the mix.

Then, towards the end of last year I discovered iMovie. It’s a video editing software app that harmonises with an iPhone and once I gave it a go I was hooked. As well as my own blog site though I immediately saw the benefits for The New Saints’ media output.

After all, whether personal or work-related, I don’t divorce things like this. What benefits one can also help the other, and as an example, The New Saints FC has been a regular part of my own blogging world since I began my involvement and therefore gets the benefit of promotion to an audience that perhaps otherwise would not be that aware of who we are.

There are a couple of short films below that have been put together over the last couple of days to give you an idea of what the content is like. Both are behind the scenes, firstly prior to the game against Llanelli Town AFC and then secondly, the photo shoot that we did with Jack Bodenham.

I hope you like them, there are more to come!



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