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At my very first game on TNS Radio in 2014 when I was handed a team sheet, I inadvertently began a football memorabilia collection. Not only did I not realise how that debut appearance on the fledgling radio show would change my life, I had no understanding either of where that single sheet of A4 paper would lead.

In a short period of time not only had I set off on a career-changing journey but I had also started what was to become a very interesting menagerie of football-related items. Unlike most collectors of memorabilia mine is different in the sense that every item is personal and carries a memory of working in the wonderful world of football media.

As well as the more orthodox signed programmes, team sheets and press passes, I also have numerous unique items. For example, when I went to the Irn-Bru Cup semi-final promotion day last season at the factory in Cumbernauld with Paul Harrison, I came away with the boiler suit that had been made exclusively for H. Signed, of course, by our goalkeeper and captain.

The players at the club are all aware of my collection – after all I’m constantly getting them to sign things for me – and I often get asked if I want something to add to the menagerie. I’ve never said no yet and that was the case when Greg Draper mentioned he had changed his boots and would I be interested in his old pair.

What was particularly attractive about these was the fact that they were the ones worn by Greg when he scored his 100th JD Welsh Premier League goal last season. I remember it well, and not only did he hit the benchmark, but he passed it in style by scoring four in the 5-1 win against Cefn Druids. It was also the day we lifted the league trophy for the seventh consecutive season, so a memorable experience indeed.

These boots are made for scoring indeed and if you’re of a certain age you will recognise the musical acknowledgement of a Nancy Sinatra classic in the title.


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