Bringing Back The Memorabilia Memories With The JD Welsh Cup

Saturday’s trip to the Hollingsworth Group Stadium was a happy one of course, as we returned home with a 5-2 victory and a place in the last eight of the JD Welsh Cup. As soon as we drew Airbus UK Broughton though in the fourth round, my mind immediately went back to the last Welsh Cup encounter between the sides.

Played at Wrexham AFC’s Racecourse Ground, the 2015/2016 final ended 2-0 to The New Saints. My second season with the club was a successful one, with another domestic treble to add to the one from the previous campaign.

As well as the press pass, signed programme and poster, my personal memorabilia collection saw two unique items added. The players had large images of themselves in the dressing room that they were allowed to keep afterwards.




As soon as Kai Edwards saw me afterwards he gave me his and then, back at Park Hall, Ryan Brobbel also very kindly added to my collection.

Of course, I got them signed, that’s always part of the process. Kai’s message is in reference to something that I say quite a lot in my own personal blog entries. Being a very keen angler, ‘as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance’ is almost a trademark saying. Kai knew this and that was his message on the board.

Both items are now proudly displayed on a wall at home, along with numerous other things from shirts to pennants. They’re a good size as well (3 feet x 2 feet) so the first thing that I see when I get home is Ryan Brobbel and Kai Edwards staring at me from the back wall.

Although I had a decent collection back then, it’s even more impressive now and the best thing of all is that it’s highly personal. It’s a collection where every item tells a story.


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