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When it comes to the transfer window, as a club our business is usually wrapped up well before the deadline day itself. However, with the signing of Billy Whitehouse it was different, as the deal didn’t go through until the evening of the final day.

From a media perspective, the announcement and even the welcome interview and photo shoot are all signed, sealed and delivered well before the clock starts to tick down in hours and not days.

As Billy’s was different, once I got back from a day at Park Hall, I was on the sofa at home ready to go. With my laptop in front of me and mobile phone to the side, it was a case of case of waiting until the paperwork was all done and dusted.

With communication channels open to Ian Williams, Scott Ruscoe, Tadcaster Albion and Billy himself, once I had the confirmation from Ian that we we ready to go, a time was agreed with the Yorkshire side and the build-up to the announcement began on the TNS FC social media accounts.

I know that for those involved in other aspects of transfer deadline day it can be frustrating and tense, but from my perspective I enjoyed the experience. It’s still good though once everything is done and dusted and I went to bed in the early hours a very happy camper indeed.

I produced a small video of my own involvement with transfer deadline day and you can watch that below.



Lead image: As the signing of Billy Whitehouse appeared on the club website.

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