The TNS Radio Cake Is Back – Rev’s Ramblings

Away from the game itself on Monday at The Oval, after a long period of absence the TNS Radio cake made an appearance. It used to be a regular feature and quite a celebrity in its own right.

I recall going to the JD Welsh Premier League end-of-season awards and dinner event, when Marc Webber opened by saying that it had been a good season with lots of goals and lots of TNS Radio cake consumed.

There was nothing sinister about its demise, it came to an end purely and simply because of practical reasons. It was the time when I was often on my own on match days, which meant doing radio commentary, writing a match report and tweeting updates as well as the post-match interviews immediately after the final whistle.

However, with Sam Wood on board, not that there’s necessarily more time, because we do more anyway, but it has been easier to fit the cake into proceedings.

The intention of the cake was – and still is – to promote interaction and also, in a small way, showing that it’s better to give than to receive. My wife, Debby, is the baker and her creations are always well received.

The lead image is from Monday, as Caernarfon Town fans enjoyed the cake at half-time. In addition, we produced a short video that you can watch below.

At a game, whether home or away, make sure you get your slice of the action before it disappears.



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