Another Mystery Box Heads To America, As Saints Continue To Grow Globally

Another TNS mystery box has found its way to America and is now the proud property of Saints’ fans Mike and Rory Braden.

If you’ve been following our social media recently, you’ll know that we’ve sent out a number of mystery boxes to destinations all over the globe, including Germany and Italy.

Each box contains a range of TNS themed items, such as a shirt signed by the first team, signed programmes, a poster and a pin badge.

Below, Mike describes how he came to learn of The Saints, as well as the reason he was so keen to pick up a mystery box of his own.

“The (way)back story is that right after I graduated college in 1994, I spent three months backpacking in western Europe, the UK and Ireland, and the most wonderful aspect of all that, was the week I spent hiking in North Wales.

“Combine that with a lifelong love of playing soccer and then watching the English Premier League on TV, and it was perhaps inevitable that at some point I would become curious about the Welsh Premier League too.  Honestly I probably just Googled it sometime in the past year, and looked at the league table.  Well something got me particularly interested in The New Saints and their history, and I starting seeking out highlight videos on Facebook and YouTube, etc… as one does these days!

“When the Gold Box arrived, I had my 8-year-old son — a soccer player and aspiring goalkeeper himself — open the package, and explained to him what this was all about.  As you can tell from the first photo I shared, he was as delighted as I was with everything we received.

“As far as favourite player, I would have to say Chris Marriott and Aeron Edwards, as they are the ones whose shirts I requested!  Marriott because he is a left-back like I was, and Edwards because he is Welsh and was recently selected for Wales C!

“Lastly, once I found your website, I also started reading about the Foundation and all the work you do in your community, and especially for people with disabilities, which really struck me as wonderful, because my stepdaughter has autism and she loves playing soccer, basketball and golf in our local ‘Special Recreation Association’ sports organisation.”

If you’re interested in purchasing your own mystery box, containing a shirt signed by the TNS first-team, signed programmes, a poster and a pin badge, please contact:


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