Crossbar Challenge 2018/2019 – The Battle Of The Welshmen, Edwards And Roberts

TNS FC Crossbar Challenge 2018/2019


In the final quarter-final encounter, it’s the battle of the Welshmen, as Aeron Edwards and Connor Roberts look to make the last four. You can watch that below, with previous ties HERE.

We allow the post if that’s the only part of the structure that has been struck but in the event of a post v bar, then the latter wins.




Round 1

Scott Ruscoe 0 Ben Cabango (Cabango progresses)

Danny Redmond 1 Joash Nembhard 0

Jamie Mullan 1 Kane Lewis 0

Paul Harrison 0 Chris Marriott 1

Kurtis Byrne 0 Steve Evans 

Jon Routledge 0 Simon Spender 0 (Spender walkover)

Adrian Cieslewicz 0 Ben Clark 1


Round 2

Ben Cabango 0 Chris Marriott 1

Jamie Mullan 0 Danny Redmond 1

Steve Evans 1 Ben Clark 2

Ryan Brobbel 0 Aeron Edwards 1

Simon Spender 0 Greg Draper 1

Blaine Hudson 0 Josh Hmami 1

Dean Ebbe 0 Connor Roberts 1

Chris Seargeant 1 Tom Holland 0


Round 3

Josh Hmami 0 Ben Clark 1

Chris Seargeant 1 Danny Redmond 0

Chris Marriott 0 Greg Draper 1

Connor Roberts 1 Aeron Edwards 0



Ben Clark v Connor Roberts

Chris Seargeant v Greg Draper




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