Although I’m English, I’m Equally Proud Of My Welsh Roots – Rev’s Ramblings

I was at Salford City’s Peninsula Stadium last Tuesday, specifically to cover the England C v Wales C game from the perspective of Aeron Edwards. The following day it was off to Wrexham to watch the Wales national side take on Trinidad & Tobago.

Although I’m born and bred English – and very proud of that by the way – I’m also equally proud of my Welsh roots. I have heritage on both sides of my family, with my paternal line going back further in time before any Welsh appears.

David Manley, a coal miner from Radnorshire, crossed the border when he married a Shropshire girl and from then on it was all Shropshire and Staffordshire right through to my dad, who was born in Wolverhampton.

My maternal side is much closer, when Annie Edwards, again through marriage, moved east and said hwyl fawr to Wales. I haven’t been able to track more details down but at the moment in the process of research, there was a Jones at the wedding in Staffordshire.

So, while stressing that I’m English, my sense of also feeling Welsh is part of who I am. I certainly understand how people who have dual nationality feel. It’s not about being confused or not knowing who you are but actually feeling comfortable with your own identity.

In fact there are, there have been and no doubt there will continue to be in the future, many Welsh internationals who are in the same position. Take Wales captain, Ashley Williams, as an example. Born in Wolverhampton with a Welsh grandparent. I can identify with that! Ultimately, it’s all about how you feel.

Lead image: My visit to Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground.

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