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If you’ve been to a TNS FC game in recent years, you may have seen Graham Vince in the crowd. That’s him above, with Danny Redmond and Jon Routledge, in the changing room prior to the game against Caernarfon Town last Saturday.

Graham travels all the way from Huddersfield and has been following the team for some years now. The journey to and from Yorkshire in itself is quite something but even more so when you consider that Graham does it all by public transport.

I spotted him prior to kick-off on Saturday, and he mentioned that he was only there for half an hour, as the time and date change meant that he couldn’t stay beyond 8.00 p.m. He was also after a couple of players to complete his autograph collection, and as they were already in the dressing room, we went there to connect with them.

It was Graham’s first visit to the The New Saints’ dressing room and as you can see from the video below, he loved it.

Finally, regarding the fact that the game had been changed from the afternoon on the day before, due to it being scheduled live on S4C, Graham didn’t complain, he just got on with it.

As he said to me, it’s better to watch the game for half an hour than not at all, and being such a special match he wanted to take in some of it at least, as the team had secured an eighth consecutive JD Welsh Premier League title just the week before.

I love that attitude, it’s great. Graham is a real inspiration and it’s wonderful to have him as a fan of the club.



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