A Great Day Out In Yorkshire, Supporting The Mind Over Matter Foundation – Rev’s Ramblings

Last Saturday my adventures took me to Yorkshire, for the charity game that was being held in support of the Mind Over Matter Foundation. If you follow our (TNS FC) website and social media output on a regular basis, then you’ll know all about the organisation in general and the event in particular, as both have featured several times in recent weeks.

The brainchild of our very own Billy Whitehouse, along with his friend, Luke Theaker, it’s great to see a young professional footballer leading the way in a project like this. Mind Over Matter exists to raise awareness of mental health issues, something that, whether directly or indirectly, will affect the vast majority of us during our lifetime.

The event, at Dearne Valley College, was a great success. The warm weather helped the attendance and I know that in excess of £500 has been raised so far, with more to come via ongoing auctions.

I was there to cover the event but I also got, to quote a well-used footballing term, some minutes as well. Billy said to me afterwards I was like Butcher, but thankfully he meant Terry, not in reference to chopping anyone down. I did commit one foul though that caused someone to say to me on the pitch that if I had done that on a Saturday night out it would be three years for GBH. He was only joking though. I think.

It was great to be there, not only supporting Billy as our player, but also to meet so many new people. People, incidentally, who knew all about the club. Billy has a lot of family, friends and supporters in general who have now become much more aware of The New Saints FC.

The TNS cake also put in an appearance as well and the lead image is Billy with his mom, Joanne, after the game.


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