Spotlight On The Players As They Train – Watch The Videos

Although we have said farewell to 2018/19, and the players are on a well-deserved break, they’re not out of sight and out of mind as far as we’re concerned. Here are the videos that we published throughout the course of the JD Welsh Premier League’s second phase, as we captured our players – and staff – in training.

1.Paul Harrison 



2. Simon Spender 



3. Chris Marriott



4. Tom Holland


5. Jack Bodenham


6. Jon Routledge


7. Chris Seargeant



8. Ryan Brobbel


9. Greg Draper


10. Danny Redmond


11. Adrian Cieslewicz


12. Blaine Hudson



14. Jamie Mullan



17. Dean Ebbe


18. Josh Hmami


19. Ben Clark


20. Joash Nembhard


21. Kurtis Byrne


22. Kane Lewis


23. Aeron Edwards


25. Connor Roberts


30. Lewis Dutton


32. Billy Whitehouse


Steve Evans 


Paul Whitfield



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