A Behind Closed Doors Friendly Against Wolverhampton Wanderers For The New Saints FC

This afternoon, The New Saints FC played a behind closed doors friendly against English Premier League side, Wolverhampton Wanderers. At The Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground, in the Compton area of the city, FAW rules mean that we are unable to bring you a result.

However, it’s true to say that both sides benefited from the exercise. You can watch post-match interviews with Scott Ruscoe and Ethan Short below, as well as two other videos, including a focus on our goalkeepers. In addition, you can view some behind the scenes photos here.

The TNS starting XI was as follows: Roberts, Lewis, Davies, Hughes, Spender, Hmami, Clark, ‘Guest’, Byrne, Draper, Whitehouse.

Second-half substitutions: Bower for Hmami, Evans for Davies, Craven for Clark, Parry for Draper, Short for ‘Guest’. Unused: Dutton






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