Rev’s Ramblings – Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau. The Land Of My Fathers. Indeed It Is.

As a keen groundhopper, away from TNS FC games I tend to visit new venues rather than places I’ve been to before. However, there are exceptions and one of them is the Wales national side, who play their home fixtures at Cardiff City Stadium.

After all, watching a game should be about enjoyment not merely ticking a list of grounds visited. Plus, it’s hardly a sacrifice to watch the national side in action rather than head for pastures new on the groundhopping journey.

I am proud to be English but also equally proud of my Welsh heritage. In fact, the two sit comfortably alongside each other for me personally and it’s one of the big attractions of working in football the western side of the border.

I started to learn the Welsh language a few years ago now and one of the things I always do, ahead of kick-off involving Wales games, is to join in the singing of the national anthem. The video below is from yesterday’s European Championship qualifier against Croatia.

I wanted to film it for my own use and gave the phone to my wife to record, as I didn’t want to include my own voice. Whatever traits I have picked up from my Welsh heritage, the gift of song is definitely not included.

I only realised that Debby captured me briefly in the video later. Fortunately though you can’t hear me singing. The last time I sang in front of a group was when I did my induction with the first-team (all newbies do this, players and staff).

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau is the opening line of the anthem. The land of my fathers. Indeed it is.



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