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It all began, quite innocently enough, on August 29, 2014, when I turned up at Park Hall for the brand-new TNS Radio show. I was given a team sheet, of course, and thought to myself, you can’t throw that away. Little did I realise that decision to keep a simple A4 sheet of paper was the beginning of what would become an impressive personal football memorabilia collection.

Not only that but also my own life was about to take on a completely different course. The progress proved to be quite rapid, and within a very short period of time, I found myself working in the wonderful world of Welsh football.

Back to the memorabilia collection though and I started to fill boxes and take over walls and shelves at home. Fortunately though, I have a great wife and it’s never been an issue. In fact, as my work with The New Saints covers seven days and often sees me arriving back home in the early hours, her support has been invaluable. She’s my number one fan. Well, actually, she’s my only fan but it’s definitely quality over quantity!

What I’ve started to do though recently is to organise my collection into an online ‘museum’, for want of a better word. As everything carries a personal story, each item means something to me. It is first and foremost for my own use, as it’s not really of great interest to others,  so I am logging everything on my own website.

I’ve been blogging regularly since July 2003, starting out as a weekly fishing journal (I am a very, very, very keen angler!) but now it’s a daily sharing of life’s adventures from a personal perspective. Therefore, my work with The New Saints features heavily, as I post interviews I do and games that I go to – that sort of thing.

My viewing figures are quite good and every day I get hundreds of clicks on there, and while fishing is still the main pull, nevertheless I also see it as an opportunity to promote The New Saints. It works as well, and people have visited games as a result of being exposed to the football content on my site.

In addition, I get regular comments that refer to the club from other anglers. A typical scenario is when I’m out fishing, and I get recognised by a fellow angler, and they start talking about things of a piscatorial nature and then they’ll say something specific like, “I’m a Wolves fan and I watched your interview with Ståle Solbakken” or a general comment along the lines of “TNS is doing well this season, I’ve started following the results since you posted blog entries about the club.”

In the words of Hot Chocolate, everyone’s a winner. This is my website link and the football memorabilia pages are here. They’re in the early stages at the moment but I’ll be sharing more from them in future columns.


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