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It doesn’t matter what your role at the club is, whether you’re the chairman or a supporter, a player or an office employee, when match day comes round you want the team to win. Whether you have direct influence on the pitch, or it’s just a case of willing things along off it, there is a common denominator in that you all want the same end goal.

That was very much the case last weekend, with Connah’s Quay Nomads the visitors to Park Hall on MD22 in the JD Cymru Premier. There’s no denying it, the Nomads are having a great season, and with just one defeat in all domestic competitions prior to the game, it was always going to a difficult one to call.

On a personal level – and I always remain objective – I did fancy a TNS FC win. When the visitors took the lead, however, I knew that it was going to be a tough one indeed. However, one thing you can never do is write off a Scott Ruscoe side.

As a player, he tasted much success with The New Saints and likewise, albeit in his early days, he’s doing the same now as a manager. There is much to be said for success being a driving force, and it is most definitely something that once you’ve enjoyed, you want more of it.

Even working in media, where I have no direct influence at all over results, the desire to win the title, and therefore compete in the UEFA Champions League, is very real. That motivation becomes channelled and drives you. You harness it and it becomes a positive in your life.

Of course, there are still ten games to go, and the lead is just four points, but I know for a fact that will focus the energies of the staff and players. The release of the second phase of fixtures this week is a reminder that we are now within sight of the finishing line.


Lead image courtesy of Brian Jones. You can see what the win meant to our chairman, Mike Harris, and fans.


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