TNS FC Merchandise Continues To Prove Popular, As The Latest Purchase Comes In From Canada

It’s often the case that we bring you stories involving The New Saints merchandise making its way around the globe, and this time, things are no different.

A few months ago, our Fan Engagement and Club Shop manager, Wayne Greenshields, sent a parcel containing a TNS bobble hat and scarf and to Canada, where it became the proud property of Adam Swanson.

In his own words below, Adam explains how he came to be a supporter of The New Saints, and why he was keen to purchase the items.

“As for the backstory, I don’t think it’s all that exciting.

“I am a fan of the Football Manager series of games, and have been playing as the TNS head coach.

“I started playing as TNS in Football Manager 2019, and have switched over to FM 2020 since it recently released. I wanted to play as a team in a smaller league, but not in the lower tier English leagues.

“I had somewhat recently watched the television series Hinterland (Y Gwyll), so that lead me to pick a team in the Welsh league. I originally started playing as Aberystwyth, but a combination of getting trounced in the league, and losing the save game data lead me to starting a new save.

“I started a new game, but this time as TNS, since I was enjoying playing in the Welsh Premier League and had grown somewhat familiar with the players. This time I was actually doing a lot better, both because I knew what didn’t work from playing as Aberystwyth, coupled with the fact that TNS is the sole professional team in the league, leading to being able to acquire better talent.

“I played three seasons season as TNS in FM19, winning the league each season, and doing not too badly in the Europa League too all things considered. I have continued to play as TNS in FM20, having recently finished my first season in game.

“Playing the game lead me to following the real life scores, and becoming a casual fan given the inability to actually watch the games. It would be a bit difficult for me to attend a game, given the travel it would involve. So I decided a way that I could help support the club would to be to buy some merchandise.”

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Lead image: Adam Swanson with his TNS FC Scarf and Bobble Hat