Simon Spender, A Media Dream – Rev’s Ramblings

From a media perspective, Simon Spender is the gift that keeps on giving. If you follow the TNS FC social media accounts then you’ll be aware that, on a regular basis, the legendary right-back pops up with far more than just focused football-related contribution.

Some of the videos that we have produced have been planned, such as the recent ones where he chats with the likes of Greg Draper and Blaine Hudson. Even then though, apart from gathering the players, there is no agenda and everything is spontaneous.

This week, when I was covering training at Park Hall, making my way down to the pitch before training itself commenced, Simon was there. All I did was point the camera, let it roll, and Spends did the rest.

It also shows, if you work in football media, the importance of good relationships with the players. I’ve said it many times before, but when everyone is comfortable with each other, you get more natural and flowing content. We’ve certainly got that at The New Saints FC.



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