Rev’s Ramblings – Dysgu. Ymarfer. Siarad. My First Welsh Interview, Diolch Yn Fawr, Hannah.

I’ve been learning Welsh for some time now, and if you follow the club’s social media accounts on a regular basis, then you will have seen some of the fruits of that labour. From general posts, to images where I write over the frost on my car windshield, there is regular content on our Facebook and Twitter accounts in particular.

Always looking to improve and push on though, the visit last Friday to Maes Tegid was the ideal opportunity to do my first Welsh interview.

Hannah Jones, the media officer at the club, is a fluent Welsh speaker and so we found a nice quiet spot and you can see the result of that via the video below. Hannah was great, as expected, and made it a much smoother experience than it may have been otherwise.

Of course, I fumbled along, but I can remember when I stumbled my way through words and phrases that now trip off the tongue. Like life itself, it’s a journey, and one that I’m enjoying very much.

Dysgu. Ymarfer. Siarad. Learn. Practice. Speak.


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