Rev’s Ramblings – A Bottle, A Programme And A Team Sheet. The Latest Additions To My Memorabilia Collection.

There’s always a programme at TNS FC home games and I get the cover boy to sign it with a personal message. This time round, following the Barry Town United game, I had two for the price of one, with both Dean Ebbe and Danny Redmond featuring.
Danny’s comment was in reference to my angling, while Dean wrote what has become a regular message, saying that he loves me!
I also added the team sheet to my collection, something that I do after every game. I have a big folder that is full of great memories.
Keeping the best till last though, Dean gave me the bottle of champagne that he was awarded by S4C’s Sgorio, as he was the Man Of The Match. Again, I got this signed and this time Dean went for another angle.
I love my football memorabilia collection, it’s all part of my personal journey and every item tells a story. It all started with a team sheet on the brand-new TNS Radio show in August 2014. Since then, it’s grown to an impressive menagerie, with badges, bottles, press passes, shirts and more.
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