Join Level Playing Field, As They Host A Twitter Pub Quiz

Struggling to fill your time at the moment? Fancy doing something different? Why not join in a Twitter pub quiz?

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 31) at 2.00 p.m. Level Playing Field will be hosting a Twitter pub quiz on their account @lpftweets.

Using the hashtag #LPFPubQuiz, they will be providing entertainment and virtual community for their followers, who might be in need of some social interaction during this period of uncertainty.


Half of disabled people say they are lonely, and one in four feels lonely every day according to the disability charity ‘Sense’.

We at Level Playing Field know that for some, the opportunity to go and watch live sport can be their only opportunity to engage with another person.

For a number of supporters, the postponement of live sport is having a significant impact on their mental and possible physical health.

The sense of belonging and community that live sport can give has been taken away for many supporters.

That’s why we are keen to get as many supporters actively involved as possible and will continue to do so every Tuesday at 2.00 p.m. until live sport is back!