Beginning My Seventh Season With The New Saints FC, Working From Home, Transferable Skills And The Future – Rev’s Ramblings

Although The New Saints is nowhere near full steam ahead at the moment, nevertheless, on a personal level, I am now into my seventh full season with the club. Little did I realise, when I turned up at the launch of TNS Radio in August 2014, what the future had in store for me.

Regardless of the current situation, I do a considerable amount of my weekly work from home anyway, and you can see my office in the video below. In addition, as my home desk and room is adorned with memorabilia items, some of those get a mention as well.

Plus, while reflecting on the past seven years, there are some thoughts on the importance of transferable skills.

Finally, when thinking about the past, your thoughts turn naturally to the future. Although we can’t map out the unknown with absolute certainty, nevertheless most of us have some sort of plan, as we think ahead.

Again, I share mine in the video. There’s nothing controversial though, after all this is the club’s website and I’m hardly going to post anything untoward.

All that the current situation has done for me, is simply to confirm that I enjoy working in football, and that I don’t want to retire. I knew this anyway.

I will, at some point in the future, look to ease back on work. After all, I want to burn on and not burn out, and I don’t exactly want to be racing along in top gear when I’m 95.

Come to think of it, I’ll be happy just to be alive at that age, never mind concerning myself about which player to interview after a game.

Wela i di wythnos nesa!



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