My Favourite Football Memory From 2019/2020 – Rev’s Ramblings

Life is about looking forward but, in many ways, it also involves backward glances from time to time, especially when we are talking about memories.

I have so many personal highlights from the 2019/2020 season that I could, quite literally, write a book on it. In fact, on my own personal website, I published an A-Z of memories from 2019.

When it came to the letter S, there was no competition. Ståle Solbakken was a walkover.

Paired with the Danish giants, FC Copenhagen, in the UEFA Champions League, not only was it a great draw and one that I was looking forward to immensely, but the icing on the cake was Mr. Solbakken himself.

Prior to coming onboard with The New Saints FC, I was a season ticket holder for many years at Molineux, the home of Wolverhampton Wanderers. One of the managers at the club during that time was none other than the Norwegian himself, so the chance to say hello was something I looked forward to.

However, I didn’t realise that I was going to do far more than speak a few words of greeting. In fact, cutting a long story short, I ended up doing the pre-match press conference with the man himself, which you can watch below.

It was one of those you-never-know-where-life-takes-you experiences. Seven years previously, I was in the South Bank watching on with thousands of Wolves fans, then there I was, in a one-on-one interview. Twelve months later, it still hits the spot.




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