TNS Foundation Receives Cheque From Oswestry Town Council

Earlier today, TNS Foundation Officer, Gill Jones, formally received a cheque for £1,775.00 from Oswestry Town Council. Presented by the Mayor of Oswestry, Vince Hunt, the generous donation will go specifically to summer activities in the area that the Foundation will be running.

Gill acknowledged the generosity of the Town Council: “We are delighted that they are supporting again in 2018. We worked with the Town Council last year to put on activities for two days a week and we’ve extended that this time round. Every school holiday there will be free holiday activities for children aged 4-14 at Cae Glas Park and Gatacre playing fields. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to continue that and there will also be free refreshments for the children that turn up.”

We also asked Gill if there was anything specifically that this money was contributing to that otherwise would not be taking place. “Oh yes, definitely” she replied, before continuing, “If this money hadn’t come in there would definitely no activities in Oswestry this year. We have funding for a number of locations, and it all depends on what comes in for that area as to what we can do, and so we are really pleased that the Town Council has agreed to work with us again this year.”

Vince Hunt was full of praise for the work of TNS Foundation, as he acknowledged there was “significant local value” in the donation, before adding: “I am delighted, as Mayor, to present this cheque to run programmes that give youngsters the opportunity to get involved with activities and projects.”

At The New Saints we are very appreciative of the donation and would like to thank the Mayor for his time today. More news on the activities for local children will appear in due course.

The photograph is Vince handing over the cheque to Gill.


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