Latest TNS FC Foundation Update With Gill Jones

This time of year is one very much for looking forward within the Foundation. We are coming to the end of a number of current funded programmes and are reviewing and planning ways to grow and/or diversify many of these initiatives in 2019.

The Foundation relies quite heavily on the support of our funding partners for this and I am currently meeting and presenting to potential funders. I am also submitting numerous funding applications which are a necessary part of securing financial support. It is now a waiting game as we await the outcome of our submissions to find out whether we have been successful.

In a challenging funding landscape, having a clear plan in place is very important. Potential funders need to know that their money is being well invested, that we are a trusted partner and that our priorities are their priorities. There are many relationships to build and nurture which include many presentations to many local organisations – a very pleasant part of my role.

It never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many press releases, social media messages, posters and fliers are distributed, so many of those I meet still have very limited knowledge of the work of the Foundation. They are always surprised at the breadth and quality of our provision as well as our commitment to the community in which we are based.

My meetings so far this year reassure me that the future is looking very positive for the Foundation. We have already secured funding for new programmes and our track record of success is bringing us to the attention of new potential partners.

Of course, none of this good work could be achieved without the support of a great team all pulling together.  Understanding the Foundation’s vision means that everyone is willing to go the extra mile to make a difference to those we come into contact with, whether that’s a three year old, or a hundred and three year old, a young person with additional needs, a funding partner or an aspiring young footballer. We all know that a successful Foundation will make a real difference to the local community and demonstrate the very positive impact that the football club can have.

At half-time during the Newtown AFC game on Friday, I’m delighted to be receiving a donation from volunteer John Lumley, who has contributed the proceeds of his ‘Dry January’ sponsorship to the work of the Foundation – thank you John!  If you want to find out more about the Foundation, or wish to contribute to our work in any way, please do get in touch.

Finally, as with the football team, the Foundation team rarely stays the same for long, and unfortunately this month we say goodbye to our Foundation Co-Ordinator Naomi Stocker.  Naomi joined the Foundation in 2014, shortly after its establishment, and has provided support and organisation for all our activities over that time, including running our Exercise on Referral programme. She has decided that now is the time to move on, and I would like to go on record to give her our very big thanks for all her hard work. We also wish her all the best in her new role – good luck Nay!

Gill Jones

Foundation Manager


Lead image: Naomi Stocker. All the best, Nay, for the future.


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