Image Rights

Why has the club taken steps to protect Image Rights?

The New Saints FC are a successful family oriented football club with a high profile both nationally and internationally. To ensure that we can continue to maintain our reputation and values, we felt that protection was needed against any usage of player and club images that might bring the club into disrepute, particularly by unregulated social and online media.

It is also significant that the club invests significant time and resources in the development of academy players from 6 years old up to and including the first team. This legislation will help protect the club against predatory football league clubs that seek to acquire talented young players without consideration for the clubs that have made such a commitment to their development.

Legislation of this kind will allow TNS FC to have meaningful negotiations with larger clubs and ensure that compensation is received for our role in player development which is shared with players and/or parents depending on their age. This will enable a fairer and more equitable distribution of revenues across all levels of British football.

The Image Rights registration also enables the club to demonstrate that we have taken all possible steps to safeguard the privacy of all children at the academy.

How does this protect players at the club?

The Image Rights registration will protect individual academy players of every age against the misuse of images by third parties preventing possible upset or embarrassment to them and their families.

How does this affect friends and family?

This Image Rights registration does not in any way affect parents and friends of players who will be free to continue to take pictures for their own use or for sharing with their families or used on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The New Saints FC are happy to support the ongoing use of such images by parents and friends. We will actively work with players and their families to ensure that images are not used for any abusive, bullying, racist or sexual purposes.

What about freelance photographers?

We will be issuing licenses on request to authorised freelance photographers who can use any pictures they take on a not-for-profit basis where the fee obtained is a nominal, peppercorn rate and where the images promote the interest of The New Saints FC and the Welsh Football League. In the event of interest from national or international media where the potential fee is likely to exceed this peppercorn rate, photographers should seek permission from The New Saints before opening up any negotiations with picture desks.

Does this affect the established news media?

We will be issuing licenses on request to authorised newspapers, magazines and online media who can use images taken at the club in exactly the same way as before. They can also freely use any images received with press releases sent out by the club.

What about social media?

We will be issuing licenses on request to social media sites with a history of fair and unbiased coverage of the club and where images are not commercially exploited.

How about other football clubs?

The New Saints will take a reciprocal approach with other clubs to protect the Image Rights of academy and first team players for the mutual benefit of the football league and all participating teams. Other clubs may freely use images relating to The New Saints FC for their own internal publications such as matchday programmes and website news stories.

Tell me more about the licenses?

In most cases the license will be free. To apply for a license or for further information about our Image Rights registration, please contact Stewart Bloor by email at

For further information on Image Rights registration, please visit