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Ahead of the Irn-Bru game on Sunday, this week’s Rev’s Ramblings is a pre-match focus, featuring a couple of events leading up to the semi-final at St. Mirren. One home and the other on the road.

First of all, we had a visit from BBC Alba as they attended a training session at Park Hall. As well as footage from the players on the pitch, they also captured interviews with Ryan Brobbel, Greg Draper, Mike Harris, Craig Harrison and Simon Spender.

It was great meeting Neil, the cameraman, and Stefanie, who did the interviewing. I enjoy this aspect of my involvement with TNS, working with external journalists. From setting up the visit to the club, welcoming them on arrival, making sure all goes smoothly and also covering it on the TNS media platforms, it’s all very enjoyable.

Go on then, another selfie

It’s also very rewarding when you hear positive comments made about the club. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the local fan through the turnstile for the very first time or national journalists on a higher profile visit, giving people a friendly welcome sows positive seeds in their mind regarding TNS.

I got on very well with both Neil and Stefanie and, as well as more official photos for the club’s social media platforms, I grabbed a couple of personal ones. Selfies, of course. I don’t post them on TNS’ accounts, but as this is my blog they are included here.


Continuing with the Scottish-theme, secondly it was a visit to the Irn-Bru factory in Cumbernauld. This week’s Rev’s Ramblings is very up-to-date as this happened yesterday and I wrote the piece on the train.

It was another long, busy, but blessed day for me personally though, that began when the alarm clock got me out of bed at 5.30 am. On a train in Wolverhampton, I was joined at Warrington by Paul Harrison. Our destination was Glasgow, and, due to contact being made beforehand, we were very kindly met at the station by Andrew Sinclair from the SPFL.

With an hour or so prior to scheduled arrival at the Irn-Bru factory we were treated to a pitch-side tour of Hampden, the home of Scottish football. Then it was the main event itself, the media day at the HQ of Scotland’s favourite soft drink.

We were  taken on a tour of the plant and, with lots of photographs being taken by the Irn-Bru lensman, look out for the official launch on Friday. They very kindly allowed me to take shots during the tour for TNS, but of course, I will hold them back until the weekend.

It was a fantastic day out, I really enjoyed it. TNS is certainly taking me on some incredible journeys and meeting some great people along the way. I keep thinking, what’s next!

Rev’s Ramblings is an ongoing weekly blog and is a personal insight into my involvement with the club.

Stewart Bloor: Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints.

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