An Enjoyable Day Out In Manchester – Rev’s Ramblings

I enjoy football-related travel very much, and that was the case on Saturday just gone, as I made my way to Manchester. With TNS FC’s game being played the evening before, it was an ideal opportunity to catch up with Josh Hmami at the club where he is currently on loan, FC United of Manchester.

Working in media, you are always looking for something different so that you can get a fresh angle. Having a first team player at an English step two club until the end of the season is definitely worth covering, and it was a day out that I was looking forward to.

I got there early, collected my media pass from reception and met several people from the club, including the secretary and the manager, before Josh arrived.

Although he didn’t feature in the game itself this time round, nevertheless we did two interviews, took some photographs and produced a video of the day.

In addition, while in the press box I got talking to several other media people, including Le Monde journalist, Maxime Goldbaum. He covers the French national games as well as Paris St Germain, and that’s why he was in Manchester, ahead of the Champions League fixture tomorrow (Tuesday, February 11).

Killing two birds with one stone, he was also writing a feature on FC United of Manchester and as part of our conversation, and becoming aware of why I was there, he then did an interview himself with Josh.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day out at Broadhurst Park. Wherever it may be, I’m already looking forward to the next adventure as well.


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